About Caribou

Caribou Insurance Agency opened in 1980 in Denver, Colorado, and today has flourished to become a 3rd generation, family owned business. In that time we have helped numerous companies and individuals successfully find their way through the complex and ever-changing world of both employee and personal benefits.

Our over thirty five years in business, combined with our passion to both advise and educate our clients, enables Caribou to deliver the highest quality experience you can find when choosing a benefits management partner. Not only is purchasing the right insurance a critical decision you want to get right the first time, you need a trusted partner to ensure you get the most from your plan.

Choosing the Right Benefits

Caribou Insurance Agency has a proven method for ensuring our clients choose the right benefits solution. Insurance can be complicated and simply purchasing a policy is not what we are here for. We provide the following for each and every client.


Before making recommendations our agency goes to great lengths researching the insurance carriers, contracts and people we work with. This process often provides insight into market share, profitability, longevity, strengths & weaknesses that a policy provides. Our research has proven critical in making recommendations you can rely on


Next in line is to complete a cost analysis. It is very simple to make a recommendation, but the cost is an ever-increasing basis for your decision. We never sell on price, and we ensure that the options provided to you are always competitive. Further, many insurance carriers have multiple policy options that we sort through to find the most cost effective solutions.

Sign Up

Once a decision has been agreed upon we will assist the employer in signing eligible employees up for the new plans. This includes printed materials, employee benefit meetings to review coverage and cost, as well as implementation with the insurance carrier. Employers completing this step on their own generally spend five to ten times the staff hours to complete sign up compared to working with us and having support.


After a policy has been issued employees always have questions or need help understanding their benefits. Employers are increasingly leery of involving themselves in the personal information and health of their employees. HIPAA regulation may also prohibit the employer from helping an employee address their claims needs, and we can assist in protecting the employer while also helping the employee. From review to payment we understand how claims work.


Policies are no guaranteed endlessly. Pricing increases, benefit changes, and legislative impacts can dramatically modify a plan. When a policy reaches renewal we help the employer to review any shifts in their plan to ensure it remains competitively priced and retains the best coverage possible. Often we gather competitive bids and help the existing insurance carrier more effectively price the renewal. This process means the employer isn’t always changing insurance, but can save tens of thousands versus negotiating a renewal without us.